Monday, 13 February 2012

He IS Love...

I am in a few weddings this year and that combined with it being Valentines Day tomorrow has me thinking about LOVE! There is a BEAUTIFUL Francesca Battistelli Song called "Forever Love." The lyrics are simple:
"You are my Forever love (4x)... from the bottom of my heart I'll sing to you, from the depths of who I am I'll love you, with everything inside I'll run to you, cause all that I've become, I owe to you."

This song touches me because it reminds me of my one True Love. Jesus. He is my Forever Love. All I have become, I owe to Him. I run to Him in times of need, in times of joy, peace, and trial. My desire is to love Him from the depths of who I am.

What strikes me though, is how God, who IS LOVE....he gives us significant others, (and not just spouses...but friends, parents, siblings) who also help us become who we are in Christ...people who encourage us and challenge us in our spiritual journeys. Today I am thinking about and thankful for those people. In my life, God did bless me with a husband....and I believe that the relationship we share is meant to be a reflection of my relationship with Christ. Although this is not always the case (we are both very imperfect!) it is important to remind myself of what marriage is...what it's purpose is. I am certain that marriage is not simply two people living together, sharing a bed, groceries, money, the couch, and an odd night out together. Sadly, I think this is what many marriages become....and Kevin and I fall into bad habits also. Thankfully, God has designed us for MUCH more. Marriage is a lot of things... and really, it is a mystery to me. But so far in my journey as a married woman... this is what I believe the purpose of marriage least a glimpse of what it CAN look like. Instead of two people merely living together, marriage is a union of two souls, spirits, hearts, minds, bodies.... it is the daily spurring on of one another, asking the hard questions "How are you really doing?". Ultimately in my marriage, I hope to help my husband become more holy, more CHRIST-like, and through this, help him bear fruit and do all of the good things God has planned for Him to do. And vice versa....As a wife, I hope that my husband will help me become more holy (not more happy and not more content- that is Christ's work alone)... but I believe as my husband He is to love me, uplift me, help me see the potential I have in Christ.... stick by my side when I mess up, forgive me, help me see my own sin and turn from it....and again, over and over, encourage me to turn towards the face of the Holy One. It is my GOD'S GRACE alone, that my marriage will become all that I believe it can be. That is why I believe prayer is so essential in marriage and I admit it can easily be neglected. And not just a quick, rushed prayer before dinner. Real, coming before the throne of JESUS, entering into His presence, seeking His will prayer. And then living out, in obedience, whatever He asks of us.

This February 14th, I am focusing on the One who IS love... and how through Him, my love with my husband and the other beautiful people in my life can become more pure, more the type of love that he desires from me. Thank you, Lord, for the blessings in my life...for all of the love and laughter and beauty that surrounds me. Help me to be intentional about creating a marriage that is pleasing to You!