Sunday, 15 November 2015

Turning 28 and Goal Setting

Tomorrow I turn 28 and it has me thinking about goals. I’ve always been a goals-oriented person. Since having a baby, I’m still a goals-oriented person but the goals have definitely changed. Sometimes my goal in the day is to simply get my toddler down for a decent nap, to unload the dishwasher, or, let’s be honest, to just make it to bedtime. :) I think establishing goals for ourselves, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, is a really healthy, positive practice.

This morning had me thinking along the lines of personal goals. A lot of my personal goals the last few years have had to do with furthering my education or career. Graduate university, graduate with my teaching degree, get a job subbing, get a permanent teaching job. Once I had my son, the goals changed and became more mommy focused. Things like getting my baby to sleep well, helping him try different foods, nurturing values of sharing and kindness, being consistent with discipline, keeping a (somewhat) tidy home, cooking healthy meals, practicing self-care… these are all goals I’ve had this past year. But in the muddle of having a baby and getting pregnant relatively soon after, I’ve found that it is very easy to lose sight of myself and my own, personal goals. 

It’s completely ok that my goals have changed in this season and I think it’s actually healthy. As our lives change, we reorient ourselves to what is happening around us and the needs of those counting on us. But I also think it's healthy for us to have our own things. I recently heard Jess Connolly say on a periscope that she believes all moms are a “mom plus.” This idea that moms can be, for example, a mom plus a business owner, a mom plus a teacher, a mom plus a homemaker, a mom plus a crafter, a mom plus a writer, a mom plus an artist, a mom plus a pastor’s wife, a mom plus whatever, was refreshing to me. It made sense to me. What is my “mom plus”?

When I invite God into this question and ask him what he is calling me to in this season (my ‘plus’ something), I feel a few things heavy on my heart. Heavy in a good way. Heavy in a way that even just thinking about them brings me purpose and excitement.

For me, right now those things are…
-encouraging relationships with the other moms he’s put in my lives
-preparing our hearts for the church ministry he is calling us to
-putting time, effort and resources into my blog
-setting aside time for writing on my blog

There are always more things, more people, or more endeavours we can give ourselves to. One day I would love to get a masters degree, but I don’t feel that is what I’m being called to right now. Paying attention to the things that he’s put on my heart right now allows me to discover my calling and purpose in this season of my life. 

So, considering what I feel he’s calling me to right now, here are some personal goals I have for myself in this season…
  1. Invest in the women God has placed in my life- nurture friendship, encourage them in their motherhood and relationships with God
  2. Allow God to prepare my heart and ready it for the ministry he is calling us to- time in His word, continuous prayer, and building my relationship with my husband during this time
  3. Purchase a blog design and install it
  4. Write 2-3 times a week on my blog- ask God for help in narrowing my focus as I discern the particular purpose of this blog and the ways he wants to use it
I love setting goals. I love the purpose and structure they can bring to our lives. I encourage you to set some personal goals for yourself. And if they are simply to make it to bedtime with those kiddos of yours or to maybe eat a vegetable today…I so get that. :) 

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