Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Wednesday Goals?

I just started reading the book “Simply Tuesday” by Emily P. Freeman (one of my favourite bloggers.) It’s all about ‘celebrating your smallness’ and slowing down in a fast-moving world.

It’s so easy for me to wake up and move through my days like a bit of a robot. Making check lists. Measuring the days success on whether or not my toddler napped well or behaved well, or whether errands got run and dinner got cooked. But I’m starting to see that going through my days this way looks a lot more like striving than abiding… and I think it’s making my soul weary and tired. 

So…Wednesday goals, simply put?

Receive ~ Receive my energy, wisdom, and love from the Lord
Pour out ~ Pour out that love to my family and those I interact with throughout the day
Read (not social media) ~ While baby boy naps, use that time to do something that pours into me- reading a life-giving book or a fictional novel is so much more life giving for me than spending the whole time texting or on instagram, etc.
Play Outside ~It’s supposed to be 20 degrees here (yes in November in Ontario! What!) So taking my boy outside and letting him play (and maybe even letting myself play too) is a goal for today
Abide ~ Throughout the day, the moments, the ups and downs, just abiding in the love of my heavenly Father
Dinner ~ I’m thinking spaghetti and salad night 
Connect ~ Using some time after dinner and our son’s bedtime to connect with my husband
Rest ~ Get to bed at a reasonable hour and get the rest I need (this pregnant mama needs all the rest she can get!)

Sure, there are other more ‘productive’ things I could put on my list for today. And it’s not a fail if I end up using some of my time to do laundry or clean, but those are not the primary goals of my day. 

What about you? What are your “Wednesday Goals” today? And if they feel more burdensome than life-giving, is there a way for you to rewrite those goals (even if they are still very task-oriented) that will allow you to abide rather than strive today? 

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